In the last few years, The World Trade Center Noida has created buzz in and around the businesses communities of Delhi NCR, especially among those who are deeply interested in the real estate and retail sectors. Today it has emerged as one of the most preferred business destinations in north India, experiencing an 85% occupancy rate. Exciting, right? Read this blog further to know what makes the WTC Noida the first choice among real estate investors.

The Genesis

The idea of creating a comprehensive urban renewal market came with the inception of the World Trade Center in 1969. The concept was first proposed by the legendary American Banker-David Rockefeller, to boost the urban renewal program in the Lower Manhattan area. Later his brother Nelson Rockefeller signed the legislation to build it.

The primary goal of the urban renewal program is to restore economic progress and sustainability to a given area by luring private and public investment from internal and external sources and promoting business start-ups and survival.

Since then, It has desperately pursued one goal that is gaining financial prosperity through trade and investment. Headquartered in the New York city, The WTC is a sole organization purely dedicated to the establishment, execution, and effective operation of world trade center throughout the length and breadth of the world.

Today, the World Trade Center has emerged as a proven model of business and development, successfully spreading its presence to the rest of the world, especially in the emerging tiger economies of Southeast Asia.

At present, the body comprises a worldwide network of commercial real estate and offices, present in 327 cities across 91 countries, and is assisting more than 1,000,000 actively performing businesses.

The WTC is a global brand, the name itself bears the quality, reliability and responsibility. The commercial complexes and pre-leasable retail shops that you would buy here are built and designed to meet the highest standards of the international business community. They offer sophisticated amenities that make these business hubs an ideal location for trade and commerce.

What makes WTC Noida cynosure of all eyes?

The reason why Greater Noida has become an unparalleled choice for the establishment of the World Trade Center Noida is quite evident. They are listed as follows.

● Imagine you have purchased a commercial office building or a retail shop in a random location. Now you will have to deal with one hundred and one problems associated with the office renovation and interior design as well. The WTC Noida has eliminated all such problems, offering world-class office spaces and retail shops with a wide range of amenities that you would not get anywhere else.
● The benefit of being present in such a strategic location is enormous. It ensures faster growth, especially for the businesses operating within the building premises of the WTC Noida.
● Superfast connectivity to the rest of the world gives businesses an edge over other commercial real estate projects in Delhi NCR.
● Besides, it is Noida’s only international commercial location. And it is always safer to rely upon the shoulders of the giant.
● From delivering planned infrastructures to the creation of an inclusive environment, Greater Noida provides all the necessary requirements that are essential for the rapid growth of SME, IT and ITES sectors.


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World Trade Center Noida- The New Age business Destination!


Locational Advantages:-

● The region accounts for 10% of overall exports (Nasscom) of India, making it an ideal location for manufacturing.
● WTC Noida is surrounded by fortune 500 companies, like Adobe, Samsung, Sapient & Dell, and the 4th largest It-BPO destination in India.
● Dozens of colleges and engineering institutes are nearby to ensure the abundant supply of skilled and semi-skilled labour.
● It is one of the most business-friendly locations to start semiconductor operations, next to Bangalore!
● Well-developed social infrastructure that supports international hotels, clubs, malls, and restaurants!
● Sports city with F1 racing track and 2500 acres of residential township project nearby.
● An education hub with 40 engineering and management institutes and several universities.
● 30 Minutes Drive From Upcoming Jewar Airport & Metro at a distance of 15 minutes, connecting to Delhi NCR.
● Superfast connectivity through Yamuna Expressway plus 20 minutes from DND-FNG-Eastern Peripheral Expressway.
● A one-hour drive from IGI Airport & 40 Min from Railway station & Proximity to DMIC and AKDIC Business corridors,


Bells & Whistles in the World Trade Center Noida CBD:

● Implementation of advanced architectural concepts for smart space management.
● Well finished Commercial Property in Noida With Returns on Investment
● Extensively wide work stations & world-class fittings at World Trade Center Noida
● With a global 97% Occupancy rate, WTC Noida – CBDs have seen up to 30% of YOY growth.
● An exponential increase in values of land and properties with higher rental outcomes.
● Spacious walking paths, corridors, multiple lifts and escalators on each floor.
● Best commercial office space in the World Trade Center Noida with Banks, Hotels, Retail & restaurants nearby.
● Hassle-Free & convenient transport to facilitate a cohesive business environment.
● Straight access to the most vibrant industrial zone and emerging IT sector of North India
● Globally 97% Occupancy rate and 83 % More connectivity in WTC Noida CBDs
● Achieving Ease of Doing Business by quick solution for the Start-Ups and Businesses
● Buy a retail shop in WTVCBD Noida-83% more connected to Airport, metro, and Expressways.
● Globally CBDs are Hosting 50% more business buildings and 20% Hotel and Apartments
● 30% More Social-cultural facilities, Amusement parks with 5-10 million Sqm Built-up area.
● Higher Rental Outcomes, Higher Land Value, and Higher Employment opportunities.


Extensive locational advantages, Special features, discounts & amenities, and last but not least the implementation of the CBD business model- these are the four most powerful factors that determine the instantaneous growth of the World Trade Center Noida.

These auxiliary supports would help businesses located in the WTC Noida to grow in leaps and bounds. They are the real reason behind the higher rate of footfall in World Trade Center Noida.

WTC Noida offers the highest standard of the business ecosystem that is inclusive in nature and efficient in terms of generating higher ROI. WTC CBD Noida is one of its kind architectural marvels which have been built with a holistic approach and delivers a unique business environment.

WTC Noida is a central business district or CBD. It is known for its vital business activities, a place where even the big business houses compete with each other to acquire their dream office spaces. Click here to Buy commercial property in the World Trade Center Noida and be a part of the global elite.