Due to various supporting elements, including a considerable number of high-paying white-collar employment and world-class physical infrastructure, Delhi NCR is one of India’s fastest expanding areas. As significant firms relocate to nearby cities like Gurgaon and Noida in quest of better infrastructure and cheaper real estate costs, real estate prices in Delhi, have risen to stratospheric heights, resulting in the creation of surrounding cities.

Office Space in Sector 132 Noida is an up-and-coming real estate market. The WTC Noida location is the crucial reason for its appeal. Greater Noida houses for sale are near Delhi. People are relocating to Greater Noida to save time on the commute. There are several Office Spaces in Sector 132 Noida and stylish comfortable 3BHK and 2BHK flats in WTC CBD Noida. Purchasing a home in Noida is as tricky as it gets. Real estate investing may quickly deplete your money due to rising real estate prices. However, there are several strategies to make wise real estate investments.

Did you realize that there is a fixed hidden cost that you may overlook and end up pinching your pocket?

Be aware of hidden expenses in your property and be careful with your real estate investments.

Are you curious about the additional costs associated with purchasing a home in WTC CBD Noida? Here are five home hidden cost charges that might strain your budget when purchasing a property. Learn more about 5 hidden costs you should care about when buying a property in Noida by reading the article.

1. Goods and Services Tax (GST)

All residences in India that are still under construction are subject to the country’s goods and services tax. Hidden taxes are levied on consumer items without the express awareness of the people who buy them. The idea behind a hidden tax is that if you can’t see it, your buying behavior will remain relatively unaltered. Visibility into a range of hidden taxes, ranging from highway tolls paid with automated transponders to music downloads, is becoming increasingly opaque with the development of current transactional systems. In the same manner that stamp duty and registration fees are paid to the state government, GST is also. The GST rate for Office Space in Sector 132 Noida or on an under-construction home is 5%, although it is just 1% affordable housing. You should remember when buying a property in WTC Noida, GST is not applicable on ready-to-move houses or projects that have received a completion certificate.

2. Parking Fees

You won’t see a sign that reads “Book your unit with us and receive a free parking spot” everywhere. Parking is essential, and having your own closed parking area boosts the market value of your home. Even though this ‘extra’ payment is no longer a surprise, many individuals still believe their home comes with free parking. A parking space is an asset that is often highlighted in real estate advertisements. Although parking is a much-needed convenience, it comes at a price. As a result, it’s a good idea to include the expense of parking when acquiring a house. The cost of WTC Noida CBD parking is proportional to the price of the property you have developed. When you are after Office Space in Sector 132 Noida always make your final decision, keep in mind your parking fees.

3. Security Deposit

The amount you pay toward the upkeep of your building and its amenities is known as maintenance costs. On the other hand, developers of newer structures need maintenance deposits ranging from two to ten years. The advantage is that the builders will have enough money to reinvest in the property’s construction. The builder may ask for maintenance money when you sign the contract when you buy office space in Sector 132 Noida. A year or two or even a decade may be required in certain cases. The maintenance price per square foot may vary depending on the location of your property and the cost of services provided.

4. Stamp duty/registration

Registration/Stamp Duty for office space in Sector 132 Noida is a non-negotiable, government-mandated tax that must be paid each time you register a property in your name. Stamp duty and registration fees vary by state. You will be charged property stamp duty when transferring the title of your property to another individual. The state government charges you a fee for the documentation you’ll need to register your property. The cost of stamps and registration varies from state to state. Section 3 of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899 mandates that stamp duty is paid while registering a property. In general, it may be anywhere from 5% and 7% of the property’s value. Furthermore, stamp duty accounts for 1-2 percent of the total property expenses.

4. Interiors Expenses

The cost of interior décor is a big part of the overall cost of your property. It’s a hidden expenditure in your property that might affect your initial budget. The property value will be somewhat lower if it is not correctly kept, but the entire expenses, including the interiors, will be rather expensive. Similarly, fully furnished apartments will be substantially more costly than typical flats. An extra interior expense should undoubtedly be included in your property budget. Depending on the sort of interiors you desire for your home, this may differ. Consider plumbing, wiring, painting, new furnishings, further design work, and fixtures, among other things. Prices for interior design might range from 2 lakhs to a blank check, depending on how you want your home to appear and the materials you pick. Always keep your eyes on interior hidden costs when you buy office space in Sector 132 Noida.


The hidden expenses of house ownership might send you over budget and put you under financial strain. The cost of closing the deal and transferring ownership of the property to your name is already included in the homebuying procedure. You’ll have to pay for upkeep and utilities, as well as homeowners’ insurance and property taxes after you’ve moved into your new house. Regular HOA dues may be assessed as well, depending on your location. In addition to your mortgage, you’ll also have to pay for all of these extra costs.